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    M10 Backplate

    M10 Backplate suitable for 10mm threaded steel rod

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Why use warm water underfloor heating systems?

Benefits of using warm water underfloor heating

DIY Underfloor Heating Kits

Design // Supply // Install 

Our pre-packed underfloor heating kits are ideal for brave DIY customers who want to install underfloor heating themselves. If your planning to install a water underfloor heating system for either new-build or retro-fit we can help you find a suitable system to suit your floor construction within your budget. Our in-house CAD design team can supply a comprehensive layout, tailored to your building fabric with our kit which includes a map to lay the underfloor heating pipe for each zone making it simple and easy to install. We do our best to streamline the whole process so that you can reap the benefit of warm floors compared to conventional heating systems and save on your energy bills. Our sample drawing looks like this

To get an obligation free quote contact our sales team on 0141 404 6204 or email us at 

A brave DIY installing our underfloor heating system

To get an obligation free quote contact our sales team on 0141 404 6204 or email us at 

Warm water underfloor heating systems have become quite popular in the last few years in new build sector. Due to the nature of installation where the pipes can be laid under the actual floor underfloor heating saves a lot of space in the rooms compared to conventional radiator system. Warm water underfloor heating can be used in new build or retrofit with various floor construction options to suit the requirements of the building of which screeded systems are thought to be more efficient and affordable. However, there are numerous low profile underfloor heating systems available for the retrofit market which allows the homeowner to install underfloor heating virtually on any type of existing floors without having a massive build-up. A few of our popular systems for retro-fit are LK Slotted Board Wood 22 which is a 22m chipboard suitable for solid floors and joisted floors and LK EPS 16 which can be floated on existing floors with a maximum height of 16mm. Please refer to our website for product details or contact our sales team for a quote.

water underfloor heating floor contstruction

Warm water underfloor heating systems work by flowing warm water through underfloor heating pipes which then emits heat. Compared to a conventional radiator system underfloor heating works on lower temperatures and takes longer to heat up the building but saves on energy costs. The heat then transfers to the screed which then slowly emits heat evenly throughout the floor keeping the temperature constant. Our underfloor heating design is tailored to each project which allows the system to distribute heat evenly without having unexpected heat losses. Depending on your floor construction we can offer a range of pipes of which PEX-A pipe is more popular among screeded floors. Additionally, we can offer ALUPERT pipe which is a more economical option compared to PEX pipes. Each zone has its own thermostat which can control the temperature of the room. Underfloor heating takes time to adjust to the temperature so the response rate is slow compared to a standard radiator system. We can supply either wired or wireless thermostat with an option to upgrade to a smart range which can be controlled via internet/app. 

underfloor heating manifolds

Underfloor heating pipes are connected to a central manifold which is connected to heat sources such as a boiler, air source heat pump or ground source heat pumps. Each zone has it's individual actuator which talks to the thermostat allowing you to control temperature individually. For bigger areas, you could have more than one circuit per zone. With our underfloor heating system, we advise using a maximum of 120m of pipe on each circuit for optimum output. Our underfloor heating manifolds our supplied pre-mounted on stainless steel brackets with flow gauges, pressure gauges, temperature gauges and actuators to suit the controls of your choice. If required we can also supply a manifold cabinet.

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Please refer to manufacturer instruction of your final floor cover to see compatibility with underfloor heating. 

To get an obligation free quote contact our sales team on 0141 404 6204 or email us at 


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