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  • Actuators for UFH
    LK Actuators

    Actuator for use with LK underfloor heating manifold.  Note: for...

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  • Bend support pipes fi 20-22
    Underfloor Heating Pipe 16mm...

    16mm pipe bending supports for underfloor heating pipe

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  • M10 Backplate (Stainless Steel)
    M10 Backplate

    M10 Backplate suitable for 10mm threaded steel rod

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Why use warm water underfloor heating systems?

Benefits of using warm water underfloor heating

Floors that spread warmth and well being

If you are used to traditional radiators, you will notice the difference right away. Heat from pipe loops below the floor spreads gently and evenly.

As the entire floor surface radiates heat, you get the same comfortable, healthy heating in all parts of the room, plus the economy from lower indoor temperature settings. A further advantage with floor heating is that you can arrange your furniture any way you please, letting your own ideas and desires be your guide. There is no need to worry about radiators and piping. You simply let the rooms shape, or lighting, or the beautiful floor be the starting point for your inspiration and decoration.

Expertise and experience guarantee your security

Warm-water heating systems must work reliably for the entire life of your home. When you choose LK Floor Heating, you get a complete system that has been developed, tested and tailored to meet all building code requirements.

LK Systems has manufactured and developed warm-water floor heating for over 30 years. We continually strive to improve and further develop our systems. Our expertise and experience guarantee your security, comfort and the best possible financial savings.

GREAT EXPECTATIONS We use only LK’s unique pipes, manufactured to the highest quality in our own factory. All main components in our systems have been developed and manufactured in Sweden. We also ensure that installers of our floor heating system get the support and training they need so that they can live up to the great expectations that we know you have of us and our products.

SAFE FOR THE FUTURE The environment we share is now more in focus; it’s important that the heating systems we choose will work with modern and developing technologies. LK Floor Heating systems have a very long life; significantly, you now have the power to select a heat source that affects our environment least. Floor Heating is installed under large surfaces (the entire floor), in a well insulated home, this allows the house to be heated using low levels of energy; perfect for using heat pumps. These are most efficient when giving constant supplies of low-temperature warm water; this is where the real savings are made. Further, if you choose to go one step more and supplement your system with solar panels, you have now created a highly efficient system totally suited to our floor heating. LK Floor Heating ensures that whatever future heat source technologies develop, you can always select a system that affects the environment least; today, tomorrow, in decades to come…

Installations for any solid floor

LK Floor Heating is easily installed in new-build or renovations. We have solutions for all types of surfaces and constructions. There are three different systems for setting in screed or concrete.

LK CLIP RAIL 16/20 is used for installing in screed above floor insulation. The clip rail is fixed to the building insulation using plastic staples. The floor heating pipes are then simply and easily pressed into the clip rail. The clip rail holds the pipe securely and at the correct spacing to guarantee uniform heat emission. Once the installation is complete, the screed is applied and the final floor finish can be laid.

LK CLIP RAIL 12 is designed for LK’s 12-mm pipes and is often used for the renovation of small areas, such as bathrooms, entrance halls, and laundry rooms. The clip rail has the double-sided tape so that it can be easily fixed directly to the subflooring. Once the pipes are positioned in the clip rail, they are encapsulated in self-leveling screed or filler. Then, all that is left is the installation of the final flooring.

LK CLIP RAIL 8 is designed for our 8-mm pipes. The system has a low construction height, which makes it ideal for renovations and additional building extensions. The clip rail has the double-sided tape so that it can be easily fixed directly to the subflooring. The pipes are positioned in the clip rail, encapsulated in self-leveling screed and then the flooring in installed.

Heating in suspended floors

When LK Floor Heating is installed on joists, the standard subflooring in the construction can often be replaced with LK’s pre-slotted system boards for floor heating pipes.

LK HEATFLOOR 22, previously called LK Wood 22 is a load bearing floor grade chipboard, designed for standard joists spaced at 600 mm. The slotted board replaces the standard 22 mm subflooring and is often installed at an early stage of construction and before the floor heating is installed. The slotted boards are laid across the joists and then fitted with heat distribution plates. The floor heating pipes are easily pushed into the aluminum slots; the plates ensure heat is spread evenly across the entire floor surface. The final flooring is then laid.

Smart solutions for difficult installations

When renovating, construction limitations must be kept in mind. For this reason, we have developed products to keep build heights to a minimum.

LK SLOTTED BOARD EPS 16 is the solution for anyone who is renovating a room with restricted height. The insulated, pre-slotted board is only 16 mm thick and is installed over existing floors. The heating pipe loops are simply pushed into the slots of boards, which are entirely covered by a pre-fixed aluminum plate. Heat from the pipes is spread evenly across the entire floor surface, with little downward heat loss. The final flooring is then installed directly on top of the boards. If, for example, you decide to lay tiles over the floor heating installation, the total installation height is only 26 mm.

LK SLOTTED BOARD EPS 30/50 is used for floor heating on a load bearing floor that requires additional insulation. It is, therefore, suitable for installation on existing ground-slab, intermediate floor or in a cellar space. The pre-slotted boards, available in thicknesses of 30 mm and 50 mm, has slots for aluminum heat distribution plates. The heating pipe loops are then pushed easily into the aluminum slots, ensuring heat is evenly distributed over the floor surface. The final flooring is installed “floating” over the heating installation.

CHOICE OF FINAL FLOORING Regardless of which type of surface flooring you choose for your home, you can feel confident with LK Floor Heating. All LK floor heating systems can be installed problem-free with wood floors, vinyl and carpet, ceramic and natural stone tiles, plus many other finishes. Differing floor finishes, however, do require different design criteria when considering factors such as thermal performance and temperature limitations. It is therefore very important that our design and installation instructions, plus the floor manufacturers’ instructions, are followed with care.


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