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Under tile underfloor heating system using LK EPS 16

Under tile underfloor heating system using LK EPS 16 warm water underfloor heating boards. LK EPS 16 is a low profile overlay solution ideal for a renovation where floor height is critical. The system uses a highly compressed polystyrene board fitted with an aluminum plate, glued to the existing solid floor such as chipboard, ply or concrete. 

LK Under Floor Heating using LK Slotted Board EPS 16 is for laying on a load-bearing floor only; giving exceptionally low construction height. The product is intended primarily for the private living environment. The system is made up of slotted insulation boards, 16 mm thick, with an aluminum heat distribution plate, 0.5 mm thick, factory fixed. The heat distribution plate covers the entire surface of the insulation board. The slotted board, turning board and feeding board are made of high-density EPS and provides extremely high resistance to short and long-term compression.

LK EPS 16 can be glued to the existing solid floor such as ply, chipboard or concrete using Bostik Multitac Adhesive supply by us, drying time approximately 12 hours. Once the boards are set, Kiilto adhesive can be used to tile directly on top of the board. This makes it ideal for a quick install using wet underfloor heating systems. 

Construction outline

1. Load-bearing floor construction

2. Vapour barrier, when installed ”floating”

3. LK Slotted Board EPS 16 Dimensions 1200 x 600 x 16 mm with four slots, c/c 150 mm, suitable for LK Under Floor Heating Pipe 12. The aluminum heat distribution plate is factory fixed.

4. LK Turning Board EPS 16 Dimensions 600 x 300 x 16 mm

5. Cellfoam

6. Adhesive Adhesives layer between insulation board and sub-floor, and between aluminum plates and ceramic tiling.

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