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Single Zone Underfloor Heating Systems

Installing underfloor heating is single rooms using our LK Minishunt M60. 

Our LK Minishunt M60 is designed to install underfloor heating in single rooms up to 60m2 (depending on heating requirements/laying procedure etc.). LK Minishunt can be connected to an existing heating system preventing an independent connected with the heat source therefore making it ideal for retro-fit solution. The system is compact, easy to install and comes with it's own thermostat which can be used to regulate temperature. The shunt unit consists of an automatic speed-controlled circulation pump for the under floor heating circuit, a maximum limit function for the feed temperature, a return valve for the under floor heating circuit, a fill/discharge and air bleed valve plus a thermostatic valve unit, fitted with a thermostat and a sensor, connected to a capillary tube. Connectors for a under floor heating circuit and mini manifolds for 2, 3 or 4 under floor heating circuits are provided as accessories. Possible pipe connections for floor heating are dim. 8, 12, 16 and 20 mm. The installation can be concealed in built-in or wall-mounted cabinets, see heading 

single zone underfloor heating system

Installation cabinets.

1. Thermostat valve.

2. Switching between single or twin pipe radiator systems and shutting-off against the return connection of the primary side. When delivered, the minishunt is set for a twin pipe radiator system with the outer hex-screw spindle (dim. 10 mm hex.) screwed in and the inner hex-screw spindle (dim. 4 mm hex.) screwed out. For single pipe systems the outer hex-screw spindle is gradually screwed out until correct temperature is achieved to the radiators. Shutting-off against the return connection of the primary side is achieved by turning closed the outer and then the inner hexscrew spindle.

3. Thermostat with capillary tube connected sensor, length 2 m.

4. Feed connection from the primary side, ¾” male EuroCone. Connectors for 15 mm Cu are supplied.

5. Return connection to the primary side, ¾” male EuroCone. Connectors for 15 mm Cu are supplied.

6. Temperature limiter. Maximum limiter of the feed temperature to the under floor heating.

7. Return valve (dim. 8 mm hex.).

8. Connection ½” female thread for system refill upon installation.

9. Ventilation valve with hose nipple.

10. VF valve (dim. 8 mm hex.). Must only be used for installations with low available drive pressure from the circulation pump of the primary side.

11. Circulation pump, Wilo Yonos Para RSB15/6-RKA with automatic speed control.

12. Connection feed floor heating ½” female thread. 13. Connection return floor heating ½” female thread. 14. Bracket.



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