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Retrofitting Underfloor Heating using LK Polystyrene Pre-Grooved Insulation Boards

When renovating, construction limitations must be kept in mind. For this reason, we have developed products to keep build heights to a minimum using our pre-grooved eps polystyrene boards that enable you to install underfloor heating using pre-grooved insulation boards which not only gives you a low profile underfloor heating system but also prevents the heat loss to the ground beneath if you have no insulation.

16mm Insulation Boards

LK SLOTTED BOARD EPS 16 is the solution for anyone who is renovating a room with restricted height. The insulated, pre-slotted board is only 16 mm thick and is installed over existing floors. The heating pipe loops are simply pushed into the slots of boards, which are entirely covered by a pre-fixed aluminum plate. Heat from the pipes is spread evenly across the entire floor surface, with little downward heat loss. The final flooring is then installed directly on top of the boards. If, for example, you decide to lay tiles over the floor heating installation, the total installation height is only 26 mm.

LK Slotted Board EPS 16

• Ideal for renovation

• Cuts downward heat loss

• Suitable for all types of final flooring

• Low installation height: from 25 mm

30mm or 50mm Insulation Boards

LK SLOTTED BOARD EPS 30/50 is used for floor heating on a load bearing floor that requires additional insulation. It is, therefore, suitable for installation on existing ground-slab, intermediate floor or in a cellar space. The pre-slotted boards, available in thicknesses of 30 mm and 50 mm, has slots for aluminum heat distribution plates. The heating pipe loops are then pushed easily into the aluminum slots, ensuring heat is evenly distributed over the floor surface. The final flooring is installed “floating” over the heating installation.

LK Slotted Board EPS 30/50

• For renovation and new-build

• Ideal in cellars

• Perfect for insulating intermediate floors

• Suitable for all types of final flooring


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