DIY Underfloor Heating 50m2 Pipe in Screed Installation by Adrian S

DIY underfloor heating install by one of our customer using our 50m2 pipe in screed underfloor heating system

Early stage of setting out pipework in living room.  Flow and returns already in place for adjacent room

More of the living room early stage, but with serpentine laying of pipe in progress.  Note clip tracks now fixed, enabling tight bends.  This gives a pipe spacing of 150 mm

Living room pipe array now completed

Another view of the completed living room.  Note the wavy final run for the return.  This is so arranged to make the most of the space given that an outward and return loop would not fit the final space.

Start of hall-way (hall-way and bathroom on a single loop.   Note the flow and return pipes in place to and from the other two rooms.

Start of bathroom, and sitting of the manifold.  All other flows and returns in place, with bathroom return yet to appear

Hall-way part of loop now completed

…and bathroom part of that same loop now finished being fixed in place, including the bathroom return to manifold.

…and more views of completed bathroom pipework

Contractor applying the flowing screed to finished UFH pipe array and floor

More early view of floor before UFH activity

Bedroom, with completed UFH pipe array.

…as well as another image taken at a different angle.

Pipes being fitted into manifold

Manifold fully fitted with PEX-A pipe.  Remaining assembly of manifold to be done later (under pressure to get things in place for screed to be delivered)

To be continued....

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