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  • Actuators for UFH
    LK Actuators

    Actuator for use with LK underfloor heating manifold.  Note: for...

    £22.00 tax excl.
  • Bend support pipes fi 20-22
    Underfloor Heating Pipe 16mm...

    16mm pipe bending supports for underfloor heating pipe

    £0.80 tax excl.
  • M10 Backplate (Stainless Steel)
    M10 Backplate

    M10 Backplate suitable for 10mm threaded steel rod

    £0.50 tax excl.
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LK Valves There are no products in this category

A range of LK Valves for heating applications including differential temperature controllers for solar heating applications, filling units/valves for ground source heat pumps, loading valves for solid fuel boilers and storage tanks, mixing valves for multiple heat sources, temperature regulation, motorised valves and actuators for heating applications.