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  • Actuators for UFH
    LK Actuators

    Actuator for use with LK underfloor heating manifold.  Note: for...

  • M10 Backplate (Stainless Steel)
    M10 Backplate

    M10 Backplate suitable for 10mm threaded steel rod

  • 50mm Hand Push Staples (200 pieces)
    Underfloor Heating Fixings

    50mm Tacker Staples (250 pieces) Underfloor Heating Staples to fix 16mm...

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Borehole Collectors There are no products in this category

Borehole Collectors
Borehole Loops, SDR11 PE100+ in a variety of sizesThe Difference Between PE100 and PE100+Essentially the difference between PE100 and PE100+ are that for PE100+ the test requirements are higher.The PE100+ Association’s ‘raison d'être’ is that there were a lot of products coming into Europe that were ‘legally’ classed as PE100 (in terms of the European standards) but that were falling down in a number of other areas (in particular ESCR and rapid crack...  More