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  • Actuators for UFH
    LK Actuators

    Actuator for use with LK underfloor heating manifold.  Note: for...

  • M10 Backplate (Stainless Steel)
    M10 Backplate

    M10 Backplate suitable for 10mm threaded steel rod

  • 50mm Hand Push Staples (200 pieces)
    Underfloor Heating Fixings

    50mm Tacker Staples (250 pieces) Underfloor Heating Staples to fix 16mm...

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Electric Underfloor Heating There are no products in this category

Electric Underfloor Heating

Installing an electric underfloor heating mat in any room of your home creates that luxurious feeling a warm floor gives. Danfoss electric underfloor heating mat can be installed under tiles, stone, laminate, carpet, wood and vinyl flooring giving you the ultimate choice in how you decorate your rooms.

The Danfoss electric underfloor heating mat is ideal to use on new builds and renovations, the mats are only 3.5mm thick, limiting the raising of the floor to the...  More